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Tattoo Care


The after care of your tattoo is a major factor in how it will look when the healing process is done. However, there are some very important things to consider before you start your tattoo to ensure that you have an excellent experience.


MAGIC NUMBER If you didn’t know now you do. 18 is the required age to be tattooed in the state of New York. It does not matter whose permission you have if you are not 18 or older you will not be tattooed.


PUNCTUALITY Please be on time for your appointment! Not being on time can throw off your artists schedule for the rest of the day. Ask yourself do you want a tattoo from an artist that is rushing?


WOOSA Take deep breaths and remind yourself that any present fears or pain that you have now will all be a thing of the past a day from now.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT Treat yourself to a good meal before you come in. Trust me you don't want to be thinking about burgers and fries during your tattoo.


HAGGLING Prices are usually set beforehand and all of our prices are already discounted. So please save the haggling for the car dealership.


TAKE IT OFF! Dress in a manner easily accessed for your tattoo placement


JUST SAY NO Sure, drugs and alcohol may provide you with a good time when you’re out partying but for your safety and ours when you come in to get your tattoo done you should do it with a clear mind. Please do not come in for your session under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.


HELP ME HELP YOU Bring along any sketches or images you have to help us get a better idea of what you want done.


SMELL YOU LATER Make sure you shower and use the necessary toiletries before your appointment. Reeking of body odor during your tattoo is not only embarrassing but very distracting.




After Care


• Remove your bandage after TWO hours.


• Wash your hands with antibacterial soap


• Using your hands, gently wash your new tattoo with warm water and liquid antibacterial soap


• Do not use washcloths or anything abrasive on your tattoo.


• Pat dry with a clean paper towel.


• Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your tattoo.


• Rub a small amount of A&D ointment evenly onto your new tattoo. Apply it every 4 hours.


• Avoid swimming, direct sunlight, tanning and contact sports for 10-14 days


• As your tattoo heals it will begin to peel and itch. DO NOT PICK AT OR SCRATCH AT YOUR TATTOO!


• To relieve itching you can lightly slap your tattoo.




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